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Sasha Moose
16 November 2013 @ 08:54 pm
Unlike SOME PEOPLE WHO WON'T BE NAMED (but are sitting on the couch next to me, shouting at the telly like the crazy old man he is) very excited that Christmas is coming up.

Where did the year go?! All I know is this time last year around this time I was: fending off Paps thinking I was on drugs (always fun), planning our wedding (best. ever.) and enjoying the lull that comes with not being on tour or hawking an album. We've been having some good success with the latest album (who the cantankerous man next to me would probably ask me to take this opportunity to remind you all that although he "technically" named this album, he has not received any royalties for it.) I have also spent a better part of today dodging phone calls from Seb, who does not find my oversharing tales of entertainment industry happenings that you an find in this month's Sugar Ape. I can't please anyone.

Except when I can. Joe and I spent last weekend in Cumbria at a very nice little B&B which... man, I love my life, don't get me wrong, and our fans and playing out with the lads, but... there is something about going to a tiny inn with no mobile service and no one knows (or pretends rather well) who you are with hb of the year that cannot be topped by anything else. It's almost a shame to come back and go straight away into the crazy swing of things, but it was nice while it lasted. Again soon, after the holiday rush.
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Sasha Moose
02 November 2013 @ 06:57 pm
Well the album comes out in two days; we've got a massive party Capitol is throwing for us tonight (please, my friends, come and save us from the worst fate - networking and smiling pretty for our execs) that we are running around getting final touches ready for and for like the next five days we're being quickly shepherded between radio, TV and press interviews. Sounds glamourous, but I'd rather be in sweatpants in bed for all the talking about ourselves we've done in the last few weeks. SugarApe feature not withstanding, because I'd pay for that in the end (I surely will) for how much fun I have terrorizing that staff. And their Editor. Flattering as he is about my sartorial choices.

Downside: tomorrow includes a bit of time for a lie in, and then we're off for the day. It also happens to be the most important day of the year (JOE'S BDAY YOU GUYS) and I'm going to be obligated to be bullshitting for the majority of it. Ugh. I would tell all of them to get stuffed, but tomorrow we've got a spot on Jonathan Ross' show, and he's been good to us (very good) and I cannot burn that sort of bridge.

However, come next Thursday, husband of the century and I are going on a mini break for the weekend where there will be no mobiles for three days (because I have making up to do) and even fewer aforementioned sartorial choices to be made when we're both going to donning our birthday suits.
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Sasha Moose
18 October 2013 @ 07:13 pm

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Sasha Moose
18 October 2013 @ 04:02 pm
Well, hooroo as they say. Been a mental couple of weeks between press shit for the album (November 4th! Soon!) and the single (#7 on the charts, suck it haters!) and trying to sort out the rest of my own personal bundle of weirdness and find time to see people to boot.

Had a glamourous day with Mr. Brown the other week and went for a flat out impressive run in the park with Wigs and Rojn - I don't think I've seen someone so pleased (applicable for Wigs and Lin) in a dead long time. Still applauding slash holding out for yoga for him yet. Also saw the other half of the House of Holland Park and had a solid day shopping with Pip for things necessary (press party outfits) and not necessary but still wanted (star trek dvds and lingerie to make up for the fact I bought ST dvds).

I have a feature interview and photoshoot for SugarApe on Monday that I am reeeeeeeeeally looking forward to in as much that interviews with Dan take twice as long because we pants around for the first hour giving bullshit answers and ridiculous questions before we can calm down enough to come up with anything his editors will like and Seb won't flay me alive for. Then a shoot in the back half of the offices which make me nervous because I reckon Jez is going to be there and if he tries to touch me, I will end up in a prison cell for murder. Maybe I'll bring my handsome bodyguard along with me. Or train Wigs to attack over the weekend. Both seem like rather delightful outcomes....

We're having a big listening/album party that Capitol is throwing on the 2nd at some probably awful place that we will have no say in. However, I did secure that I would get a handful of guest passes so if anyone fancies getting tarted up and rubbing elbows with people who are famous and pretend to like our album.... let me know, it'll be a fucking laugh. 
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Sasha Moose
28 September 2013 @ 03:55 pm
I don't think it will surprise anyone that I'm not what you call 'maternal' or 'mum material', and I can't really remember ever fawning or being excited about a baby in my general vicinity but... man, those Auditore babies are something else, I'll tell you. They are so tiny and gorgeous and their little fingers and their fat rolly thighs that I just want to squeeeeze.... and you should hear people who like babies bang on about them.

I also don't think it will surprise anyone to hear that, in my not even remotely humble opinion, my husband is bloody amazing and so calm and cool and collected in the face of seriously distressing shit - though I suppose he's got the practice market cornered on that being married to me - and he is so smart that he totally macguyvered together a seriously day saving plan, and... I have never been more in love with or in awe of someone, the whole thing is all I've been able to think about the last few weeks. I can't even articulate the level of starry-eyed enamour for my life that I'm operating on, but I think I've found a few ways to show my appreciation.

In not nearly as exciting news, we've finished our summer tour and are officially on full-tilt publicity for the album (November 4, don't forget!) and our first single, 'Can't Decide' drops on Monday, so make sure you also start calling Radio 1 and hitting up iTunes round about then. We've got a photoshoot for NME tomorrow and an interview that I would rather send Wigs to sit for instead, but I think our publicist said something about a feature in this mag, SugarApe(?) in the next few weeks, so that one I can be bothered for. Only cause the only writer I will acquiesce to deal with from there is so rakishly handsome and affable.

And now I need to go and watch Wigs be terrorized by Rojn, and give him the suitable amount of sympathy when he tries to make him play when it is clearly nap time.
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Sasha Moose
06 September 2013 @ 03:10 pm
Oh god how nice is it to go into seclusion without having to plan any of it yourself? SO NICE is the answer. We're on a mini break (that unfortunately ends tomorrow when we gotta do a set at Bestival - NOT that I am complaining) in a super top secret location (Batcave!) with the Auditores (Bikinuii?) and Liz, Mitchass' cousin who is, seriously, the most pregnant living entity I have ever seen. Poor sausage (and her FEET, omfg) seriously I don't know if I could ever do that, or if Joe would live through it.

The winding down of the summer festi tour has been bloody hectic, our first single from our new album - shameless plug alert! - drops in two weeks, and then it's the vicious cycle of press junket, interview, photo shoot, rinse, repeat nearly constantly until the album is released in November. We're doing some international stuff on location this time around, so we're also going to try and film one of our videos abroad as well but I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it yet? Either way, fuck work. More play.

Dajve and I just finished sunning ourselves like the gorgeous lizards that we are with some (sneaky) wine but are cooling down inside now cause Liz wanted a snack, and it would have been RUDE to let her eat on her own. We had to join in. (Did you know your cheese intake is SO LIMITED when you're preg? Just one more reason.)

Who's coming to Besti Festi tomorrow to see us? Big crowd, headline spot, handsy guitar tech - all the best things.
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Sasha Moose
19 August 2013 @ 10:20 am
In awesome news: We are home, at least until the 21st when I drag my long suffering better half to Paris for an sneaky one-day holiday before our festy on the 23rd. Been a good jaunt we had - the unfortunate demise of Frank Turner's summer festival circuit (Bad back, having surgery, wishing him the best of luck because he's my imaginary musician boyfriend) but swings and roundabouts because he's a fan, and he tapped us to take up his headlining spots at our last three days. Sunshine and roses for Le Strays, even if one of those dates was in Chelmsford. *Shudder*.

In other horrifying news: I've had my Star Wars DVD's confiscated again. Like for fucks sake. I was then forced to watch about 4 years worth of FIFA games on the X-Box under much duress but THEN, Seb, in a fit of glorious awesomeness that was unforeseen before this tour, procured a flash drive with all of the old Star Trek episodes from the 60's on them, so we've been watching (and in his case, probably re-watching for the 90 skillionth time) them in the evening - I even got him to take a few hits off a jay last night beforehand, and admittedly - the extra cheese factor of 60's era spfx and Shatner Shatner-ing all over the shop is even more hilarious under the influence. It's been a nice change - us getting along again after a rocky couple of patches for the last tour and pre-wedding bullshit. Also nice to have someone on the bus who is as disinterested in post FIFA farting matches as I am.

In totally obvious news: I am getting really bloody sick and fucking tired of the paps and their articles stating that I am (in no particular order): divorcing Joe, cheating on Joe, sleeping with Marc, sleeping with Del (HA.), having a secret affair with "an unnamed mystery man" (sometimes Dan, sometimes Nate, double HA), have a drug problem, going to rehab for a drinking problem, and my personal favorite, speculation on the length/tenacity of my marriage because of "the known statistics surrounding interracial couples in the UK."

It's fucking amazing I have anytime to do my *job* (and do it so well) I'm so busy shagging everything that moves and then doing a line of blow off their arse. Spare me.
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Sasha Moose
Last night at home for a short spell. We're hitting up 4 countries over the next 8 days (and then return home for V Fest in Essex, which, c'mon - country unto itself as well) before heading over to Paris for hopefully longer than just our festy spot (hint hint, husband.)

We were up in Cambridge last week for a few days, which was spectacular even if I didn't lure Lindsay further into the water than shin-deep. Still marking it in the win column. Unlike gin-infused ice cream which was a disappointing non-win. Probably the first culinary miss of our gracious host's life, though I have been reasonably assured the sous chef was the source of failure. Also had too much fun (literally) with Pip trying on everything in his Cinderella-esque wardrobe that would fit over my arse (few things) and letting him get an unintentional grope or two in of boob jealousy.

Had a perfectly proper celebration for my stand in wife of this mortal coil, and just arranged the courier to head back up to Cambridge for tomorrow's festivities (my word) for my alternative partner in crime's birthday. Lots of celebrations, too little time to kick back and enjoy them currently.

Most importantly: Win and Nate finally tied the knot last Saturday. Out of respect for their lack if interest in being a part of the media circus that comes with being directly related to me (and because I have been getting a few seriously mental 'fans' on my social media lately) I won't go into details except that they are the best siblings turn parents ever, and Joe's best man speech about family made me cry (unintentionally) like the big girl I am.

I guess I should throw some clothes in a case tomorrow. Like how I made it seem as though I was only taking one bag for a week? Me, too.
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Sasha Moose
HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to the only man who sold me for a fez, left me for 'dead' at Brighton Beach, successfully dutch ovened me while I'm sober, cleaned sick out of my hair when I'm not, carried a mattress and box-spring up the steps of my fucking dodgy 5th-floor flat, given me jobs when I was broke, fired me for the 'right reasons', made spag hoops come out my nose, convinced me to house him between residences, stole a Christmas tree with me (and starred in my Christmas cards!), taught me how to roll a perfect spliff, gives me fashion advice and takes me shopping, inspired tons of tunes and even more filthy commercial jingle parodies, scared off bad boyfriends, does the world's best wookie noise, keeps my secrets, The Strays first fan and strongest supporter, has put up with my mental behaviour for going on 14 years with endless forgiveness, introduced me to Kerouac and Neruda, made me be the adult when it counted, was the man of honour at my wedding, scared years off my life (both intentional and not) and made me piss myself laughing more times than I'll publicly admit - my best mate and honourary second brother, actual family member, favourite author and award winning life-wife: Daniel Spartacus "Noodle" Ashcroft.

Happy birthday, darling. I can't say I knew we'd get to this point, but am absolutely chuffed that we have. Hahaha I love you like burning, and I'll see you tomorrow eve: our treehouse - third booth from the back. I'll be the one your fav orange dress. xxx
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Sasha Moose
26 July 2013 @ 02:56 pm
There are few things more glorious than busting someone secretly watching So You Think You Can Dance. Trust.

Here is one of those few things: Joe and I had dinner with Win and Nate in the week. Since 'The Man' has FINALLY given the a-okay for same sex couples to get married in England, they're planning to make honourable men out of each other. (Frustrating on the legal score of that seeing as they've been together nearly 25 years - as if anyone else was going to have either of them at this point.)

They've booked a very no fuss City Hall legal ceremony next weekend that our exceptionally non-traditional 4-person family is going to attend, and then planned a dinner party at (knowing Win) some insufferably posh restaurant for a close group of family and friends. I can understand them not wanting a huge wedding like ours, but I am fit to burst about it - much like I am at the prospect of being Nate's Maid of Honour (!!!) Bonus: the look on Joe's face at Win asking him to be his Best Man is one of those mental snapshots I'm going to keep with me for a long time.

2013 is rounding out to be quite a fair dinkum excellent year for the Martin/Moose clan.

Trying to organize a jaunt up to Cambridge in the week for some fashion brainstorming with Pip and G&T time with Lin. Been too long since we've seen you both. x
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